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Looking after your elastics

Keep the spring in your smile with six simple steps to caring for your elastics.

Top tips

  • 1Elastics should worn at all times, including whilst sleeping, unless otherwise instructed
  • 2Put new elastics in each day. The best time is after you’ve cleaned your teeth, before you go to bed
  • 3If you do not wear your elastics, the brace will not work and your teeth will not progress. This means you’ll end up having to wear the brace for longer
  • 4If you’re running out of elastics, please contact the practice before you run out. Don’t forget any spares you might need!
  • 5If you are in any doubt about how to wear your elastics, just ask any member of our team
  • 6Wearing your elastics as instructed will mean that your smile will be better and we will finish the treatment sooner

This visual shows you how your elastics will look in your mouth.

Elastics example

Click the image for a closer look.
To help you, one of the dental team would be happy to take a photo of your mouth on your own phone, so you have a visual reference to hand. Please don’t hesitate to ask.