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What to expect during treatment

Specific detail on what orthodontic treatments are and how they might help you.

So, what can you expect during orthodontic treatment?


Orthodontic therapy uses certain appliances to move your teeth with gentle pressure. When braces are put in place and a little force is applied, you may feel some discomfort, with your teeth and gums initially feeling a bit tender.

The amount of discomfort varies from patient to patient but usually only lasts from around 36 to 48 hours.

Headgear and elastics

Your treatment may also involve the use of headgear or elastics, which should be used as directed by your orthodontist to achieve the best results and avoid injury. Not following instructions might mean you have to wear them longer, or could lead to a less than ideal result.

Removal of teeth

This might sound scary, but sometimes it is necessary for teeth to be extracted as part of treatment. Don’t worry though, this will only be recommended if it improves your prospects of a successful final result.

Additional records and x-rays

In order to monitor the progress of your treatment or just prior to your retention phase, we may take new records for you.
Fixed orthodontic appliancesFunctional appliancesTraditional removable appliancesAesthetic appliances

What to expect when your braces are fitted

By the time your first fitting appointment comes around, your orthodontist will have explained to you in detail what your first treatment steps will be on the road to a better smile. It might be that your brace is fitted straight away. This might feel quite unusual in your mouth, depending on what kind of brace is fitted.

At your second fitting appointment, the first stage of your treatment will be assessed and the next stage will commence.
Finally, your last fitting appointment should see your brace fully fitted, totally suited to you and ready to complete its job and helping you feel ‘smiles’ better.

REMEMBER: if you are unsure about anything, at any stage of your brace fitting or treatment schedule, please ask your orthodontist for advice - they are here to help.