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Get your smile back with mydentist dentures

Missing teeth can not only make you feel self-conscious about smiling and laughing but can also make it difficult to eat and enjoy your favourite foods, impacting your quality of life. Dentures, also known as false teeth, are a simple and effective way to overcome missing teeth and help you smile again.

At mydentist, our experienced dental clinicians can help you regain your confidence with a denture solution for any number of missing teeth. Our advanced mydentist practices offer a range of cutting-edge denture options, including snap-on dentures and flexible dentures, ensuring we can offer a solution that suits everyone.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable dental appliances that replace missing teeth and surrounding tissues. They are typically made of artificial teeth and gum-coloured acrylic material, and they can be used to restore your appearance and function if your natural teeth are lost or extracted.

Dentures can help if:

  • You have a missing tooth or teeth
  • You wish to improve the appearance of your smile
  • You wish to improve your ability to bite and chew

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What are the benefits of dentures?

Dentures provide a number of benefits for those looking to replace missing teeth, including:


Improving appearance and boosting confidence

Dentures can improve the appearance of your smile, giving you a more natural-looking replacement for missing teeth and helping you feel less self-conscious.


Improving function

Dentures can improve chewing and speaking, allowing you to eat and chat with ease. Dentures can also help relieve strain on neighbouring teeth after tooth loss, improving your general mouth health.


Replacing loose or poor fitting dentures

If you had dentures fitted in the past that have become loose, newer dentures can provide a secure and stable replacement.


Long-term solution

Dentures are a long-term solution for missing teeth, with a high success rate and low risk of complications. However, they will wear with time and may need replacing in due course.

Denture results

  • Dentures case 01 beforeBefore
  • Dentures case 01 afterAfter
  • Dentures case 02 beforeBefore
  • Dentures case 02 afterAfter

Have you thought about?

Regain confidence in your smile with options available to restore any gaps you may have.

There are several treatments available for replacing missing teeth including dental implants and bridges.

Dentures FAQs

How long does it take to get dentures?

Our experienced dental team will guide you through the process of the fabrication of your custom-made dentures, which typically involves the following steps:

  • Assessment: we will assess your teeth to determine if you're suitable for dentures. We will also advise as to whether dentures are your best solution and discuss all options with you.
  • Impression: we will make an impression or scan of your remaining teeth and/or gums and send it to one of our laboratories.
  • Bite Record: we will record how your teeth and jaws relate to each other so that you’re dentures will function properly.
  • Try-in: an almost finished version of your denture will be placed in your mouth to check the fit and appearance. You can check the look of your denture and any major adjustments or corrections can be made at this stage.
  • Final fitting: once you’re finished denture returns from the laboratory, you will attend a fitting session. Small adjustments are often needed to ensure the fit of your custom-made denture is just right.
  • Further appointments: If necessary, we will make further appointments until you're completely happy with your new denture and the denture teeth.

Does getting dentures hurt?

Making dentures is not painful, however some people find the impression technique uncomfortable. Your dentist will use their skill to make this stage of the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Occasionally, after wearing the denture for a few days an area of pressure may come to light causing an ulcer. If this should happen, contact the practice so your dentist can make appropriate adjustments to the denture.

Are dentures safe?

Dentures are considered perfectly safe and should have no effect on your health or well-being. In fact, it’s thought that humans have been using dentures since 2500 BC[1], although they’ve come a long way since then. Our trained clinicians have years of experience in fitting dentures and the procedure is very straightforward. If your denture ever needs repairing, our team can help with that too.

Ready to start your denture journey?

Dentures are a safe, effective, and long-lasting solution for missing teeth. Whether you're looking to replace a single missing tooth or a full set of teeth, our experienced dental team can help. If you're interested in dentures, get in touch with mydentist today to learn more.

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