Clear braces with the dentist or through the post?

There are many companies that provide aligners online which can be sent directly to your door in a matter of weeks. The convenience of this might seem like a dream come true to some people... but is what you're doing safe and right for you?  Here at {my}smile by {my}dentist, you are looked after all the way through your treatment by a qualified clinician to make sure you have the best possible and safe outcome. Which really can make a big difference! 

The General Dental Council (or GDC) has recently released information about clear aligners sent directly to your home and here’s our run down of these important things to consider and how with {my}smile you can achieve your smile transformation.  

1) Do you know this treatment is right for you and will help with all your needs? 

 Traditionally, you would need a checkup to see if your teeth and gums were nice and healthy and able to move around in your mouth before you went ahead with any form of treatment. This may also mean taking X-rays to check below the gum line, and they will always access your medical history make sure all is well. Ordering your aligners online means a lot of the time you wouldn’t have been to see a dentist to make sure the treatment is safe for you, so if you haven’t had this checkup, it would be a good idea to ask why you wouldn’t need one. 

2) If you have taken an impression of your teeth, did you do it correctly? 

Taking an impression of your teeth is a dental skill that requires training to reliably get right. If you have taken your own impression incorrectly, this can lead to your aligners not being made correctly to fit your teeth, leading to dangerous treatment or disappointing results. Here at {my}smile we would take the impression for you, whether that be a 3D scan or traditional impression, to ensure fantastic and safe results. 

3) Do you know who is treating you? 

The dentist that prescribes your aligners is responsible for all your treatment, so it may seem obvious or simple, but it is actually very important. Not knowing the name of your dentist would mean you might not be confident that they are registered with the correct regulatory body, and if something goes wrong, you wouldn't be able to contact them directly. At {my}smile, you will know which one of our amazing and friendly clinicians you’ll be with from start to finish! So, you’d really be in safe hands with us. 

4) Have you given valid and informed consent? 

Before you go ahead with treatment, you should be given every bit of information about what the treatment involves. This includes benefits, risks and whether there are any other treatment options for you. The dentist needs to make sure you have given valid and informed consent, which is impossible without any form of direct interaction as you need to be able to ask questions to make sure you are making the right decision! 

For example, ask yourself the below... 

  • Do I know how the treatment works? 

  • Is there any other option available to me? And have they been explained? 

  • Do I understand the likely or possible outcomes of the treatment? 

  • Will the results be permanent? 

  • How long does the treatment take? 

  • If there are risks, have they been explained? 

  • What happens if I’m not happy with the outcome? 

You should be able to ask whatever you need or want to, and with {my}smile, we will be happy to inform you of everything you need to know! As we are led by dentists, you can be ensured that our treatments are safe, well informed, and tailored to suit your wants and needs.  

If you’re interested in transforming your smile with clear braces, book now for your free video or telephone chat with one of our team members. They’ll be able to speak to you about teeth straightening, our free* teeth whitening offer and book you in for your free* consultation with an experienced clinician at your local {my}dentist practice. 

*Subject to availability and assessment for suitability by a dentist, for which a PPE supplement may be charged where appropriate.**For consultations in practice, a £5 COVID safety supplement will be chargeable to cover the increased costs of PPE during this time.

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