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The-Smile-Suite-Award-Wining-Orthodontics Welcome to our
luxurious specialist, implant & referral centre

Our practice


The SmileSuite

The SmileSuite is the realisation of a dream for specialist orthodontist Darren Hills. Drawing on the experience of his other thriving orthodontic practices in Bristol, Darren developed the unique concept of The SmileSuite. As a practice, we simply asked ourselves the question, exactly what would we desire if the roles were reversed and we were the patient? By painstakingly applying this perspective to each and every detail of the practice design, we believe we have achieved something very special.

As you pull up to Wallace House there is some private parking to the rear of the practice on Apsley Road, but all the surrounding streets are free parking.



As you enter Wallace House you can be sure of a warm and friendly welcome from our team.

It is fully computerised and staff are responsible for checking you in and out of the practice, making appointments and taking telephone enquiries.


Patient Lounge

You can relax in our patient lounge with comfortable sofas, plasma TV, music and refreshments.


Treatment Areas

There are two areas in The SmileSuite practice. The equipment is new and the minimalist design helps make it easy to keep clean and tidy. Each chair is fully computerised.Our clinical areas boast cutting edge design and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure you receive the very best treatment and care available.


X-Ray Room

As part of the orthodontic examination, it is often necessary to take radiographs (X-Rays). We have very modern machines to enable us to take the best possible images. The X-Ray room and our procedures are carefully designed for your maximum protection against unnecessary exposure to radiation. We also take care to send copies of our X-Rays to your dentist to avoid the need for unnecessary duplication.


Sterilisation Room

The sterilisation room is where the instruments are cleaned and sterilised. We use as many disposable items as possible at each treatment for the protection of all our patients, but any instruments we have to re-use are sterilised at 134°C every time they are touched. This ensures that there is no risk of cross-infection between patients.