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The-Smile-Suite-Award-Wining-Orthodontics Welcome to our
luxurious specialist, implant & referral centre

Orthodontic referrals

The Smile Suite is delighted to receive referrals from colleagues in any form – by letter, phone, fax, e-mail or by using our online referral form.  We also don’t mind if you use a Bristol Orthodontics referral form to talk to us (referrals are distributed centrally between the two practices.) These days many patients initiate contact with us via this website – with our patient’s permission we’ll write to you prior to treatment to let you know what we’ve discussed.

Go to the online referral form

Joint restorative and orthodontic care

One of the best aspects of treatment here at the Smile Suite is the ability for a dental implant surgeon and an orthodontist to work together as a team to provide an ideal result for patients. We understand that some colleagues do their own implants but their patient may require help with orthodontics or vice versa; rest assured that just because we have the capacity to provide both items we will respect your input into treatment. It’s rewarding to work together with other clinicians as a team, so just specify if you would like to get involved.

Adult patients

Here at TSS we treat mostly adult patients, who present with different clinical, psychological and budgetary parameters than for teenagers wearing braces. We’re experienced in spending the extra time necessary to listen to patients’ needs and expectations and it’s important to us to offer choice and work together to find an option to suit someone’s lifestyle. 

There are two main barriers which prevent adults accepting orthodontics: a) they think they’re too old, and b) they worry they’ll have a mouthful of metal. Patients may ask your advice about orthodontics – we’d be grateful if you could reassure them that neither of these factors apply!  We’d be delighted to supply you with brochures containing pictures of braces and cases to help inform your patients about what’s available.

Teenagers and Children

We also treat children and teenagers looking for a more aesthetically pleasing form of orthodontics to enhance their confidence.