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Welcome to our
Specialist, orthodontic centre


Our dental practices in England have now opened and are offering a limited range of dental treatments.

As soon as we have all of the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) in place to ensure your safety, we will offer our full range of dental treatments.

Prioritising patients in need

We are prioritising patients in need, including anyone who has suffered pain during lockdown. Please do not try to book a routine appointment, such as a check-up, just yet. We will advise you when you can.

Please don’t visit our practices for any reason unless you are asked to do so.

Speak to us if you need support

If you do suffer dental pain, or need advice from a dentist, please call us. We are available to offer you advice and support by phone.

Protective measures in practice

If you are visiting a practice for an appointment there are some changes you need to know about for your safety. Please view our safety information here.

Opening times

Please contact the practice for their current opening times

In-Ovation Braces

Your choice for a beautiful smile

We happily offer our patients In-Ovation System Braces.

In-Ovation is a new and technically advanced system that can give you the radiant smile you have always wanted more quickly than traditional braces, and without the need for unsanitary and uncomfortable ties or elastics. Using light, gentle forces, In-Ovation makes the path to a beautiful smile faster and more comfortable than you ever thought possible.

A Beautiful Smile Is Fast and Easy!

With In-Ovation, you can achieve amazing results faster — often, depending on your treatment needs, months sooner than with other braces.

In-Ovation system braces are gentle with a special free-sliding technology which places little pressure on teeth as they are gently guided into place. As a result, treatment not only takes less time and requires fewer appointments but is more comfortable than traditional fixed braces. The latest high tech wires are used, ensuring rapid but comfortable progress.


With In-Ovation You Can Have…

  • Innovation LMTM is 100% invisible
  • Innovation C is aesthetically pleasing
  • Improved facial proportion and appearance
  • Reduced treatment time
  • Greater comfort
  • Fewer practice visits

In-Ovation Braces

In-Ovation Braces


In-Ovation Braces - Case Study


In-Ovation Braces - Case Study

Attractive Advantages for You…

We offer In-Ovation in two styles that look great and are comfortable to wear. Your orthodontist will advise you on which In-Ovation system is most suitable for you.

In-Ovation C

This is a translucent ceramic bracket that offers fast and comfortable treatment with the added benefit of high aesthetics.

In-Ovation C

In-Ovation LMTM

This offers a superb alternative to tray aligners for patients requiring 6 mm of movement or less.

Completely invisible, L MTM self-ligating "quick clips" work within a few short months to give you the perfect smile you have always wanted. The ideal approach for quick, cosmetic correction.

Patient Benefits

  • Absolutely undetectable (100% invisble)
  • Small, comfortable to wear
  • Fast results
  • Fewer practice visits
  • Small, comfortable to wear
In-Ovation L

A breakthrough in cosmetic orthodontics for patients seeking fast, cosmetic correction of minor misalignments and yet are not willing to wear braces. For some, the difference between an ordinary and a radiant smile can be measured in millimetres. Today, with In-Ovation L MTM, patients can perfect their smile in just a few months by addressing just the six upper and six lower anterior teeth: the “dazzling dozen.”

The best part about In-Ovation LMTM - Only you and your orthodontist will know they’re even there and with an exceptionally short treatment time, an ideal, dazzling smile is months away! In-Ovation L (Lingual Appliance — 100% invisible)

In-Ovation L (Lingual Appliance — 100% invisible)

The new generation of 'Simple Lingual Appliances' is proving very useful for those cases requesting simple alignment of lower front teeth, as this case shows.

In-Ovation Braces Gallery