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Welcome to our
Specialist, orthodontic centre


Our dental practices in England have now opened and are offering a limited range of dental treatments.

As soon as we have all of the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) in place to ensure your safety, we will offer our full range of dental treatments.

Prioritising patients in need

We are prioritising patients in need, including anyone who has suffered pain during lockdown. Please do not try to book a routine appointment, such as a check-up, just yet. We will advise you when you can.

Please don’t visit our practices for any reason unless you are asked to do so.

Speak to us if you need support

If you do suffer dental pain, or need advice from a dentist, please call us. We are available to offer you advice and support by phone.

Protective measures in practice

If you are visiting a practice for an appointment there are some changes you need to know about for your safety. Please view our safety information here.

Opening times

Please contact the practice for their current opening times

NHS Treatment

Our practice has been established for over 25 years and receives more than 1,500 referrals a year from over 100 dentists.

We are proud to have treated so many patients and their family members over the years. We aim to not only treat our patients but to educate our patients on the importance of good oral hygiene and provide them with a treatment result that exceeds their expectations.

Over the course of orthodontic treatment we watch the confidence levels of each and every patient flourish and grow, our team are truly grateful to be a part of such an important transformation.

We offer NHS treatment, in routine cases, up to 18 years of age. To be eligible for NHS treatment, patients must score 3.6 or above on the Index Of Treatment Need (IOTN).


Provision of NHS Orthodontic Treatment

NHS treatment is available to eligible patients under the age of 18 years, who’s orthodontic problem is severe enough to attract NHS funding on the grounds of dental health.

On the 1st April 2006, the new NHS dental contract was introduced to all Orthodontic Practices in the UK. This contract has implications in terms of the level of funding and eligibility for NHS patients wishing to undergo treatment. Under the terms of the new dental contract, health service funding is now directed at those patients to whom treatment will give an improvement in their dental health and not just in the appearance of their teeth. The way in which an Orthodontist decides whether NHS funding is available to the patient is by using a complex system of measurement called The Index Of Treatment Need (IOTN).

How to be referred

Your General Dental Practitioner will need to refer you to us for a NHS assessment to be carried out. If eligible for NHS funding you will then be placed on our Treatment waiting list.

NHS treatment options are limited to Metal Braces only.

To meet NHS ‘Quality and Value’ audit requirements we require the following criteria to be met prior to referrals being made:

  • General Dental Practitioners must satisfy themselves that any patient referred is in adult dentition, with no remaining deciduous teeth (minimum referral age is 11 years of age)
  • Patients must score at IOTN 3.6 or above
  • Patients must have good oral health and hygiene

NHS Patient Waiting List

Once you have referred a patient to us for an orthodontic assessment, you will be placed on our New Patient Waiting List, subject to the assessment outcome, if you are eligible for NHS treatment you will then be transferred to our Treatment Waiting List.

We receive over 1,500 referrals a year; therefore, we have two types of waiting lists:

  • New Patients Waiting List
  • Treatment Waiting List

We shall contact your patient with a proposed appointment by post/email.

*Please check junk/spam folder in your registered email account.

Practice Policy on Transfer Cases

Chapel Road Orthodontics does not accept local transfer cases for orthodontic treatment.

Metal Braces

Today’s metal braces are slimline, unobtrusive and very comfortable to wear.

Excellent alignment of teeth is achieved in short periods of time. They are a modern reliable way to improve your smile, visit our case studies to see how orthodontic treatment will benefit you.

Providing NHS Dentistry