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Welcome to our
Specialist, orthodontic centre


Our dental practices in England have now opened and are offering a limited range of dental treatments.

As soon as we have all of the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) in place to ensure your safety, we will offer our full range of dental treatments.

Prioritising patients in need

We are prioritising patients in need, including anyone who has suffered pain during lockdown. Please do not try to book a routine appointment, such as a check-up, just yet. We will advise you when you can.

Please don’t visit our practices for any reason unless you are asked to do so.

Speak to us if you need support

If you do suffer dental pain, or need advice from a dentist, please call us. We are available to offer you advice and support by phone.

Protective measures in practice

If you are visiting a practice for an appointment there are some changes you need to know about for your safety. Please view our safety information here.

Opening times

Please contact the practice for their current opening times

None Extraction Treatments


Arch Development (Non-extraction technique) is about getting the lovely natural smile, you want for your children, without them having to undergo the extraction of permanent teeth.

Use of modern techniques makes it possible to treat most orthodontic problems without the extraction of adult teeth.

For this to succeed, patients must be seen early enough - by 9 or 10 years of age - so that treatment can be carried out while there are still some baby (deciduous) teeth present.

None Extraction Treatments


Recent years have seen increasing interest in methods of treatment that do not require the extraction of permanent teeth.

This has come about for several reasons:-

Tooth extraction has never been the most popular procedure for either patient or Dentist. It has been realised, in recent years, that many extraction cases have faces that have not benefited from the loss of adult teeth - the facial profile and breadth of smile may sometimes suffer in extraction cases where the starting profile was not protrusive.

In the USA, most Orthodontic cases in the average practice are treated non extraction. In this country it is around 40%.

A much greater emphasis has long been placed on "the California Smile" in the States, with a broad dentition and prominent smile.

To be effective, non extraction treatment (arch development) has to start in the late mixed dentition, before the last baby teeth are shed. Typically, this will be at around 9 or 10 years of age.

If all baby teeth have been lost (around 11 years), then it is usually too late for this type of treatment, since the opportunity to influence important aspects of facial growth has been lost.

At Chapel Road Orthodontics, Dr Horobin uses a particular type of arch development, which is well tried and highly successful.


An upper arch expansion plate, called an ELSAA (Expansion and Labial Segment Alignment Appliance), is used to widen the upper teeth, particularly where the upper jaw is excessively narrow.


Lip Bumper

On the lower teeth, a Lip Bumper is fitted.

This is a wire which attaches to bands on the lower 1st molars. It allows the lower teeth to slowly assume a slightly larger arc as they grow, thus giving more space for the dentition.

Lip Bumper

Fixed Appliances

Treatment is completed with fixed appliances. These apply detail to the position of the teeth - a process which only takes a few months, as they are already almost in their ideal positions.

Fixed Appliances

Non-extraction, arch development treatments are carried out on a private basis only.

If you are interested in this approach to your child's orthodontic problem, be sure to mention this at your initial consultation.

Why are my child's teeth so crowded?

This is a question which has fascinated me for many years and so I will take a few lines to answer it.

Dental malocclusion (crowded and twisted teeth) is a modern problem. It has only existed, to any noticeable extent, since the industrial revolution. It joins a long list of modern conditions - like asthma and heart disease - that simply didn't exist before modern civilisation.

A little while ago, I had the chance to examine many Neolithic skulls, from "The Tomb of the Eagles", Orkney.

These Orcadian skulls were all about 5,000 years old and to the eye of an Orthodontist, there was one quite extraordinary thing about them - they almost all had perfectly straight teeth!

Similar findings can be seen in skulls from the Spitalfields excavations of an Elizabethan church vault in London.

Yet numerous recent surveys have shown that about 60% of modern children need orthodontic treatment for crowded and crooked teeth.

Why the difference? After all, we are genetically identical to both Neolithic and Elizabethan people.

I believe the answer is very simple - diet and air pollution.

Human jaws are designed to work hard, grinding and chewing at rough, semi-prepared food. Burger and mash just isn't the same!

Developing jaws, that are not exercised much, do not grow as large or as strong as they were designed to. Because of this, the teeth become crowded.

Air pollution, which never existed until recently, irritates the air passages, causing asthma (another uniquely modern complaint) and mouth breathing. This, in turn, leads to the developing jaw being held open and therefore growing downwards, rather than forwards. This gives rise to that other classic type of malocclusion - the "goofy look", with a recessive lower jaw.

So that is why it happens. Sadly there is nothing much we can do about this - I can't see children being keen to give up their burger buns for coarse, stone ground, unleavened bread!

This does, however, help to explain why non extraction / arch development treatment works so well. In allowing the jaws to grow to their full potential, space is created for the teeth to grow naturally straight, without the need to take out adult teeth.