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Corsodyl Ultra Clean Toothpaste

Corsodyl Ultra Clean Toothpaste
the build up
of plaque

Are you one of the three people who see blood when they brush? This can be a sign of early gum disease. Try Corsodyl Daily Fluoride Toothpaste, clinically proven to reverse the signs of early gum disease – designed by the gum health experts. Spitting blood can be caused by the build-up of plaque bacteria along the gum line. If not removed, plaque accumulates, causing inflammation. Which is why Corsodyl Daily Fluoride Toothpaste is proven to target 4x more bacteria build-up.*

Made with a unique formulation, it removes plaque and even reduces it in hard-to-reach areas. This daily gum specialist toothpaste further reduces bleeding gums and helps keep the seal between your gums and teeth tight – for healthy gums and strong teeth.

Corsodyl Daily Fluoride Toothpaste Ultra Clean eaves a clean healthy and fresh sensation for the whole mouth. It provides fluoride protection to strengthen your tooth enamel. Formulated with a unique ingredient that gives it a therapeutic taste leaving your mouth with a clean, fresh feeling.

Made with a recyclable tube and cap.

Healthy teeth start with healthy gums, so try Corsodyl Daily Fluoride Toothpaste Ultra Clean. Use it every day for healthy gums and strong teeth.

*compared to a regular toothpaste with twice daily brushing.


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