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TePe oral health care products

TePe offers a variety of products for keeping your mouth and teeth healthy. All TePe products are developed in collaboration with dental professionals.

TePe’s vision is to raise the awareness about preventive dental care and interdental cleaning. They are proud to say that their products contribute to better oral health, thereby improving life quality for people all over the world.

The well-known TePe Interdental brush and dental sticks, are used daily by patients and dental professionals in 60 countries worldwide.

Give your teeth a few minutes of attention every day to help you keep them for a lifetime.

It is important to remove bacterial plaque from your gums and teeth, or it will stick and may cause gum inflammation (gingivitis) and cavities. Starting in the late teens, you also need to clean between your teeth every day.

Call in to your local mydentist practice to see the TePe product range and get advice on your oral hygiene.

Interdental brush