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Corsodyl Complete Protection Mouthwash 500ml


Healthy gums and teeth are the foundation of a healthy mouth

Gum care is important, because if plaque bacteria are not effectively removed daily with a good oral health routine, it can lead to gum problems.

Make new Corsodyl Complete Protection Mouthwash part of your daily oral health routine to help keep your gums and teeth healthy and provide you with fresh breath protection.

It has been designed to provide 8 specialised benefits:

  1. Freshens breath
  2. Strengthens enamel
  3. Cavity protection with fluoride
  4. Kills plaque bacteria that brushing leaves behind
  5. Helps keep gums healthy
  6. Cleans between the teeth
  7. Cleans along the gum line
  8. Protects the gum seal


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