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Sonicare ExpertClean 7300 Electric Toothbrush

Everything you need for great oral health

Removes up to 10x more plaque

Philips ExpertClean 7300

Keeping up good brushing habits is tough. ExpertClean will guide you between dentist checkups. Know when to adjust your pressure with built-in smart sensors and use the App’s Progress Report to help you stick to your brushing routine.

  • Removes up to 10x more plaque* for a deep clean
  • Hard on plaque, gentle on your gums
  • Guidance to start and keep up healthy habits
  • Personalized brushing experience
  • Lets you know if you're pressing too hard
  • BrushSync automatically selects the best mode for you
  • Always know when to replace your brush heads
  • Simple to charge and style to boot
  • Makes traveling easier for you

Special features

  • Removes up to 10x more plaque*
  • C3 Premium Plaque Control
  • Long-life battery
  • Progress Report
  • Smart brush head recognition
  • BrushSync replacement reminder
  • 3 modes, 3 intensities
  • Built-in pressure sensor
  • Makes traveling easier for you

What's Included

  • Charger: 1
  • Brush heads: 1 C3 Premium Plaque Control
  • Handles: 1 ExpertClean
  • Travel case: 1
* more than a manual toothbrush


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