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Big smiles

We love kids at mydentist, and it’s really important that we see them just as much as we do adults!

You can bring your child to the dentist from the moment their first tooth appears as the dentist can have a good look around, but there’s another BIG positive to bringing them so early, as it gets them used to the sounds and smells of a dental environment and seeing the dentist – so hopefully they don’t grow up fearing us!

Our dentists are particularly great with nervous patients (inc little ones) we have lots of special tips and tricks to help the appointment run smoothly, including stickers and good food games.


Top Tips:

  • Once any of your little ones teeth are showing through, you can book them in for a free check-up and can begin to brush them with a very soft toothbrush
  • Brush your teeth in front of your child as often as possible. Children love to copy what they see their parents doing, and brushing regularly is a great habit for them to pick up!
  • If you/ your child is particularly nervous, let our teams know in advance so they give you extra special care
  • The toothpaste the rest of the family uses is far too strong for a baby. You can buy toothpastes specifically made for young children, and you should use one that contains fluoride
  • You’re not alone if you’re afraid of the dentist yourself, many people suffer from dental anxiety, but it’s important to make it a positive experience for your child so they don’t grow up with the same fear:
  • Avoid mentioning anything about pain or discomfort
  • If you know you’re particularly afraid of the dentist, it may be better for another family member to take your child to their appointment. Children can often sense your fear, and learn to become fearful too.