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Oral hygiene and pregnancy

Top tips for mums-to-be.

Top tips for your teeth:

  • 1Book an appointment – routine dental treatment during pregnancy is perfectly safe. Your dentist may, however, avoid giving you a dental x-ray unless it is really necessary.
  • 2Brushing and flossing (or any form of cleaning in between your teeth) – it’s really important to brush and floss regularly during your pregnancy.
  • 3Sickness - although it can be tempting, try to avoid brushing your teeth immediately after you’ve been sick – this rubs harmful acid from your stomach into your tooth enamel, causing them to erode. Instead, rinse your mouth with a glass of water and try to wait for about an hour before brushing.
  • 4Watch your diet – pregnancy can evoke all kinds of weird and wonderful cravings, especially sugary ones. Try and stick to a healthy, well balanced diet packed with nutrient-rich fruit, vegetables and calcium. A great way to ward off the cravings is by brushing your teeth, so keep a mini brush and paste in your bag ready for when those cravings attack.

Your baby’s early dental care

Did you know…

  • You should start brushing your baby’s teeth and bring them for a check-up when their first tooth appears (usually around 4-6 months) – why not take them to the dentist with you when you go for your check-ups.
  • It’s best to avoid using a dummy, however we know it’s not easy so if you feel it’s necessary try to make sure it’s not used beyond 12 months old and never dip a dummy in anything sugary or sweet
  • You should always use fluoride toothpaste (you’ll need one for young children during their early years).
  • You don’t need to brush before your baby’s teeth start to show. However, you can clean their gums with a wet cloth after feedings. This way, they’ll get used to a dental hygiene routine and it will create a lovely clean environment for their new teeth to grow into.

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