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Secure electronic forms

At mydentist we have introduced electronic forms which will replace the forms you normally complete in practice.

The forms we have started with are:

  • COVID-19 Screening Form

    This form will provide information to the practice surrounding any symptoms.

What to expect

You will receive a text message from mydentist prior to your appointment. This text will read:

Hi, your mydentist practice is open. Your dental appointment is at Practice Name on Appointment Date at Appointment Time. Please access this link Link to update your forms online before you visit the practice.speech-trail

The message will have a link to a website run by our technology partners www.patientcomms.co.uk.

When you visit their site you will see your name, and the time of your appointment with the list of forms that have been allocated to you from our reception teams. Please fill out the forms allocated to you.

When you have completed them you can press "complete" to send them back to us.

Why are we doing this?

We are always looking to improve our patients experience in our practices and this has been a long term ambition for the practice.

We feel this brings patients these benefits:

  1. Protecting our patients during Covid-19
  2. Less time that you need to spend in practice
  3. A better patient experience – you no longer have forms to complete when you arrive

This also benefits the wider healthcare system by:

  1. A safe and secure way to share your details with the practice
  2. Storing your data in the correct way
  3. Better accuracy of data

Frequently asked questions

  • What if the practice doesn't have my number?

    Next time you come in for an appointment you can get your number added onto the system. You can also give us a call, although please do bare in mind that our call lines are busier than usual at the moment.
  • What If I make a mistake on the forms?

    If you make a mistake firstly don't worry.
    • If the mistake is on your covid checker or something has changed then please call the practice to confirm before attending
    • If the mistake is on your Medical History form or your NHS Declaration form then please inform reception or your nurse on arrival at the practice and they will be able to resolve anything for you. This might involve completing a paper copy if required.
  • Since I filled in the form I got COVID symptoms, what should I do?

    Please phone the practice to let them know. Do not attend the practice until you have spoken with a member of our on the phone.
  • I don't want to fill it out electronically?

    That's not a problem you are still able to fill it out on paper at the practice. Please do ensure to leave extra time prior to your appointment to complete this.
  • I want to opt out of this service

    You are able to opt out by calling our practice or letting the team know when you book your appointment over the phone.