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My practice is being sold FAQ's

What does the sale of the practice mean for me as an NHS or Private patient?

The sale will not affect you in any way. Your personal data will be transferred to the new provider. You can continue to book appointments and access dental care with the new provider post sale.

What if I want to stay with {my}dentist?

You can visit our website www.mydentist.co.uk where details of our other dental practices are listed. Currently many of our practices are unable to accept any NHS transfer patients as they are at NHS capacity. There may be availability for private appointment options, however you would need to approach your chosen practice directly, who can advise you.

If I don’t want to transfer to the new provider and instead find a new dental practice, will I need my patient records sending to my new practice?

No, your new dental provider will not automatically need your previous dental records. If you need them in the future, please approach the practice and they can be provided to you.

Why can’t you tell me an exact date when the practice will sell?

Due to the way that dental practice sales are conducted, we often don’t know the exact date that the practice ownership will transfer until the actual day.

Will I be told when the practice has sold?

{my}dentist will not contact you when the practice is sold. The new provider may choose to contact you.

I don’t know who the new provider is. How do I know they are qualified to buy and operate a dental practice?

Please be assured that all due diligence checks will have taken place and the NHS are also involved in the sale of an NHS practice.

What if I have already left the practice and don’t want my data transferred to the new owners?

Please e-mail [email protected]. If you contact us prior to the sale, we will ensure that your data is not transferred.