Pippa's Smile Journey Week 5 and 6

Hello everyone! great to see your lovely smiley faces back again to follow the path to my dream smile.  Today I’m going to be chatting about my treatment over weeks five and six. 


The movement I have SEEN over the past two weeks has been pretty minimal, but I can definitely feel the difference in my bite and the way my teeth are fitting together. So, they are 100% doing their job to correct my overbite. I will be going back to the dentist next week to collect the rest of my aligners which will take me up to the whole nine weeks of treatment, and it is safe to say I am incredibly excited to see how they’ll look at the end!  

Throughout my journey I have been using the {my}smile oral care pack and it has been a total lifesaver at times. The following are what I have used daily to keep my teeth nice and healthy while they move into position; 


I literally use these constantly over the first couple of days on a new tray. They help get the aligners nice and deep along your gum line and can help with any discomfort. Love them.  

Interdental Brushes

These are vital to help clean in-between your teeth and keep them nice and healthy throughout treatment. I use them after flossing and will continue this even after my Clear Correct treatment is over, because good oral health should be a priority! 

Vitus Dental Tablets and Bath

This is so easy to use and has become a staple part of my morning routine. It is so straight forward to pop your aligners in the bath with a tablet and some warm water. All you do is leave them there for around 15 minutes, take them out, clean off any residue with the little toothbrush supplied and pop them back onto clean teeth. Literally so easy and has been a blessing throughout my treatment so far! 

Hope to see you all back soon, keep an eye out for week 7 because it’s going to be an interesting one! 


You can also check out my progress over on our YouTube channel. I hope to see you back next week and keep on smiling!


Pippa x 


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