Pippa's smile transformation - week 3!

Hello everybody, Pippa here! It’s lovely to see you back again and I hope you’re all keeping well in these uncertain times.

As you’ve returned, I’m guessing you’d like to know how I've been coping with my clear braces and where abouts I’m up to with the journey... well I’m happy to tell you I have survived, and I am now into my third week of treatment! Not only that, but I can already see my teeth moving straighter and the process has been totally seamless so far.  

I have been using the {my}smile oral care pack to keep my teeth and gums nice and healthy while they move, and today I thought I’d tell you what's inside! These oral care packs come completely free of charge if you go ahead with any clear aligner treatment with {my}smile, and it’s safe to say it has been a total god send for me.

So, what's included?

  • MORE CHEWIES! - To help you get your clear braces in properly. Simply chew on these and it helps to get them exactly where they should be.
  • VITIS orthodontic toothpaste – a handy little toothpaste to carry about with you and to use after you have eaten and before you put your clear braces back in.
  • VITIS orthodontic Mouthwash – To use in-between brushing for all day protection!
  • VITIS toothbrush – Comes with a handy cap and in a case, which is ideal for when you’re travelling about and to use when you’re out the house!
  • Single tufted Brushes – These are to be used to clean around your gum margin, to improve blood circulation to the gum line and alleviate any discomfort caused by the movement of your teeth during treatment. Just use this dry, once a day, for around a minute and it should help for these reasons!
  • Interdental Brushes – these are used to help clean between your teeth, use at least once a day to help keep them nice and clean.
  • VITIS orthodontic effervescent tablets and tub – A safe way to keep your aligners clean! - pop your aligners in the provided tub with some luke warm water, add one of the tablets and leave fully immersed for at least 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water and remove any remaining residue with your toothbrush. Nice and clean!
  • Retriever - This is to help you remove you clear braces safely. Clip the hook just under your aligner and gently pull to loosen. Repeat at intervals along the mouth until your clear brace completely detaches!

These have really helped me with my treatment, and the whole pack was completely free of charge! Madness!

Head over to our YouTube to watch my week 3 video and come back next week for week 4! Keep smiling!

If you’re interested in clear braces, book now for your free video or telephone chat with one of our team members. They’ll be able to speak to you about teeth straightening, our free* teeth whitening offer and book you in for your free** consultation with an experienced clinician at your local {my}dentist practice.

*Subject to availability and assessment for suitability by a dentist, for which a PPE supplement may be charged where appropriate.**For consultations in practice, a £7 COVID safety supplement will be chargeable to cover the increased costs of PPE during this time.

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