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Hi everyone, I’m Pippa! I work with the {my}smile team up in Newcastle to help our patients achieve their dream smiles – and now it’s my turn to transform my teeth with clear braces. I’ll be documenting how my teeth straightening treatment is going throughout the process, so you can see what it’s like. You can also check out my journey on our YouTube channel, where I’ll be chatting everything clear braces over there and you can also have a sneak peak of my braces and how my treatment’s going.

Before I get into my first week of wearing my braces, let’s go back a few weeks and I’ll tell you all about my first steps! I went to my local {my}dentist practice for my free* consultation and had an oral health check to make sure my teeth are fit and healthy for treatment and a 3D scan where I could see my smile on the big screen!

My scan was then sent off to our lab and once it was back and ok’d by the dentist and me, my aligners were 3D printed. Another trip to the practice saw me pick up my aligners ready to go and whilst I was there the dentist also showed me how to pop them in and out of my teeth. They also did a treatment called interproximal reduction (IPR for short) – which basically is taking the tiniest bit of tooth away from the sides to make space for my teeth to move because they were so packed in together – I couldn’t even get floss in between my bottom teeth!

So my first week of wearing clear braces has been great – my initial reaction was that I could feel a little bit of pressure against my teeth (as that’s how they will move!), but it hasn’t been an issue. When I take my aligners out to eat or have a drink, my teeth felt a little tender for the first couple of days. Overall though I’m impressed with how comfortable and discreet they are! On my various video calls this week, no one has noticed I’m wearing clear braces until I point them out.

I look forward to updating you on my progress next week and keep smiling!

If you’re interested in clear braces, book now for your free video or telephone chat with one of our team members. They’ll be able to speak to you about teeth straightening, our free** teeth whitening offer and book you in for your free* consultation with an experienced clinician at your local {my}dentist practice. 

*For consultations in practice, a £7 COVID safety supplement will be chargeable to cover the increased costs of PPE during this time.**Subject to availability and assessment for suitability by a dentist, for which a PPE supplement may be charged where appropriate.

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