Get your smile makeover with {my}smile!

Have you decided that 2021 is your year to have a full cosmetic renovation on your smile? We've put together the steps of how to achieve a great smile in partnership with your dentist so you can treat yourself to a smile makeover this year!  

A {st}raighter smile

The first step of a complete smile makeover is perfect alignment through our clear aligners. For starters, why should you pursue teeth straightening?

1. A healthier smile

Studies have shown that well-aligned teeth are easier to clean than their crooked counterparts. With a more even surface area it becomes easier to get to previously hard to reach crannies of your smile, making sure your toothbrush and floss are more effective in combating cavities, gum disease, and bad breath.


2. An attractive smile

Besides the health benefits, who doesn't want an A-lister's style? Hello red carpet!

With 87% of under 35s saying they are made to feel self-conscious about their teeth, (Oral Health Foundation, 2019) more people than ever are straightening their smiles for a lifelong boost of confidence. 


Thankfully, {my}smile by {my}dentist offer effective teeth straightening using clear braces! A subtle way to achieve your dream smile while still looking glamorous in the process, we provide bespoke, removable plastic trays that apply gentle pressure to shift your teeth into perfect alignment.

We’ll set you up with a free* consultation with an experienced dentist at your local {my}dentist practice. We’ll make a map of your smile using a state-of-the-art 3D scanner and provide a complimentary oral health check. You get to see what your teeth will look like before, during and after treatment, discuss different personalised treatment plans and price points, and answer any specific questions you have about our clear aligners. 

And we've made it easy to get started too, simply chat with one of our team members about starting your smile transformation! You can book online and our team are available late nights and weekends to work around even the busiest of schedules.

A {br}ighter smile

After your teeth have been straightened, the next step to a dazzling smile is teeth whitening. Fun fact: 4 in 10 British adults under 35 have had tooth whitening treatment with 48% planning to have them whitened again within one year. (Oral Health Foundation, 2020)

We’re currently offering free* at home teeth whitening with every teeth straightening treatment with {my}smile.

A {re}fined smile.

And the final step to your brand-new smile. There's more than one way to fine tune the aesthetics of your smile this way, through either composite bonding or contouring. Contouring is a great way to smooth out any bumps or chips on your teeth to ensure a clean final look. Composite bonding works to perfect the shape of each tooth by using a white filling material to reshape the tooth. This will be specially mixed to match the shade of your smile so you’re left with an amazing result. A safe and effective process, often for this treatment there’s even no injections or drilling necessary!

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