Summer is here - don’t forget about your oral hygiene!

Summer is officially here, hurray! And, whilst this means jet-setting, BBQs and the beautiful sound of the ice-cream van – it’s important not to neglect your dental health over the coming months!

In the spirit of sharing wisdom (which we just love to do!) here are some top tips to keep your teeth in top shape over the summer: 

Before you jet off, book in for a flying visit to the dentist

blog13-zoomI’m sure ‘book a check-up’ isn’t the high on the agenda before you set off on your summer holiday, but it’s such a perfect opportunity to book you and your family in whilst you’ve got some free time! Try to plan it in as one of your pre-holiday preparations this year. Don’t forget, regular check-ups prevent long term damage, and it’s a great precaution to take to avoid waking up with toothache in another country! If you really can't do it before your holiday – make sure you book one on your return. 

blog13-toothbrushesDon't forget your toothbrush

In a recent survey, mydentist found that nearly 24% of parents have forgotten their child’s toothbrush on holiday at some point! We know how manic last minute packing can be, so it’s extra important to pop your toothbrush in right at the start! It's also a good idea to take a spare toothbrush, just in case you have a mishap with your regular one

Drink lots of water

It’s important to stay hydrated when in the sun, and whilst an ice cold glass of fizzy pop may seem delightful, it’s important to keep this to a minimum to avoid dental decay and acid erosion on your teeth. Water is the best choice – but if abroad, try to stick to bottled water as opposed to tap.

Limit the sugar

Summer holidays are when most people consume more food than normal, and whilst we all love a mezze of foreign delights, try to avoid a high intake of sugary foods. Grazing throughout the day is quite common on holiday which can lead to a large number of sugar attacks on your teeth. Avoid snacking and try to only have sugary foods and drinks at mealtimes, reducing the time your teeth come under attack.

Top Tip
Chew sugar free gum in between meals

Denture wearer? Don’t forget a spare set 

blog13-teethIt’s probably a wise idea to pack some spare dentures if you have them. Certain holiday destinations are well known for causing tummy bugs. It might get you top hits of YouTube, but Vomiting is a common reason for dentures to slipping out, and the last thing you want is for your precious teeth to become overboard fish food or accidently flushed down the loo!

Limit your alcohol intake

It’s a given that holidays can result in a larger alcohol intake than when at home – especially when those brightly coloured holiday cocktails can seem so appealing, but try to remember that these cocktail usually come with a very high sugar amount! Try to choose drinks which are lower in sugar and remember that alcohol is one of the main causes of oral cancer, so drink in moderation.

To book in your check-up, you can book online or find a dentist here.

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