While your kids get hopping mad for Easter, don’t forget to look after their teeth

While your kids get hopping mad for Easter, don’t forget to look after their teeth!

It only seems like yesterday we were reminding parents to keep an eye on the sugar intake over Christmas,  and now it’s time to put our prevention pants on again, as the Easter egg feast is on the horizon!

We all love the goodies that come along with Easter, but it’s important to remember some top tips to keep yours and your children’s teeth safe during the sugar rush!

  • Ensure they brush their teeth for two minutes, twice a day. This can be a tricky one to enforce but they’ll get it sooner or later. The good habits you instil now will follow them later in life too. Unfortunately two out of five parents we asked don’t do this. This could cause serious damage as plaque builds up along their teeth and gums.
  • If they eat sweets, make sure it’s with a meal and never before bed as they’ll sleep with sugar on their teeth.
  • Do try to limit their sugar intake where possible during the festive season. If you know they’re going to visit family who may treat them, avoid chocolate earlier on in the day.
  • And most importantly, the Easter holidays are the PERFECT opportunity to take your children for a check-up, and even better, we have the perfect Colgate bundle to tempt your kiddies for a visit …

Make brushing fun with Colgate’s character toothbrush designs

Toothbrushes and paste
  • Barbie or Spiderman battery toothbrush Colgate’s easy to hold kids battery brush has a small oscillating head with extra soft bristles which cleans teeth and gently sweeps away plaque. Choose between Barbie and Spiderman!
  • Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection toothpaste 50ml
    The first toothpaste for the whole family with breakthrough Sugar Acid Neutraliser™ technology that deactivates sugar acids in plaque before they can harm teeth. Clinically proven to provide close to double the protection against early decay.*


*Toothpaste with fluoride alone reduced by 32%

You can pick one up at your nearest mydentist practice, along with our fun-for-hours activity sheet, complete with puzzles, games and colouring.

And, don’t forgot to download  our free app ’The Plaque Attack’ on Apple and Android to keep the whole family entertained and educated for hours!

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