Dr Mukul's Journey from India To The UK

Meet Dr Mukul,

Mukul has been practising with {my}dentist for nearly 10 years! Originally from India she decided pursue her career and passion for dentistry in the UK.

Here is what Dr Mukul from {my}dentist Burnley had to say about her journey:

"I qualified as a dentist in India and then moved to the UK. I have done the statutory exam -ORE (Overseas Registration Exam) before I could start working in the UK.

It was definitely a difficult exam and moving to a whole different country was also challenging in terms of the training style of teachers here and the expectations of patients for dentists being different to what I was used to. I used to attend study groups where i met other dentist from different countries also preparing for the ORE exam whilst also having an 8 month old baby and a 4 year old (my son and daughter) to take care of. It was definitely challenging but attending the study groups helped as we motivated each other to work and keep a positive mindset in spite of the intensive studying.

After passing the exam I applied for a VTE position with {my}dentist and got selected for a interview at the headquarters. I was then invited for an interview in Burnley. I was very lucky to get the job at Burnley and be trained under Dr. Ruth Patefield as my mentor. I am very thankful to Ruth for being so patient with me during my VT equivalence. She is one of the best trainers i have ever worked /trained with as she inspires me to be better in my own work and was a dedicated, supportive teacher to me and still is. Even after our mentorship has ended i constantly seek her advice in cases. I will always be grateful for Dr. Ruth Patefield acting as a strong female role model I had to guide me in my early stages of my dentistry career.”

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