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Above and Beyond – meet another inspiring team member at mydentist

by Lee Waring | Oct 04, 2016

This month, we want to pay special attention to Rauiri Boyden from our Brighton practice, who has gone above in his efforts to give back to charity – something which has touched the hearts of all the team at mydentist.

Rauiri, who has been growing his hair for years, decided to cut it all off and donate the locks to The Little Princess Trust who donate hair to young children who have sadly lost theirs in the battle with cancer – he also wanted to gain as much sponsorship as possible to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Here’s his story:

Before the cut mini interview


What has sparked you to cut your hair for charity?

When the time came to cut my hair I was always going to donate it to the little princess trust, the fact we support Cancer Research just makes it easy to go that extra mile and raise some more money and awareness. It would be nice if one day we didn’t need to donate hair or raise money for these diseases.

How will you feel chopping it all off?

Ever have that dream where you go to school naked? I imagine I’ll feel like that only I’m awake and have no hair. I’m pretty gutted actually but it’s for a good cause.

What do you hope to be the outcome of cutting your hair?

I want the princes to stop climbing up my tower! Ha ha I just hope they can make an excellent wig out of it.

What support have you received from your team so far?

They’ve done nothing but encourage me and wish me luck, as well as helping me with organising it.

Will you be growing it back?

I will be growing it back ….. And I will be donating the next lot too!

The chop …..

above-beyond_image02 above-beyond_image03 above-beyond_image04

The finished result …..


Ruairi absolutely smashed his initial target of £250 for Cancer Research UK and looks fab! He said he’s glad he did it for such a great cause, but he will definitely be growing it back!

From everyone at mydentist, well done!!! 

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