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Good foods and bad foods made FUN!

by Lee Waring | Aug 01, 2016

As you know, at mydentist we’re super focused on educating parents and kids on how to have happy healthy mouths!

There’s a lot of bad press and confusion at the moment about what is actually good for kids’ oral hygiene – from Smoothies, to raisins to energy drinks – there’s so many foods out there which parents think are healthy for their kids, when actually they're full of cavity causing sugars!

So, after last year’s tooth-timers which are still a huge success with children, we wanted to create something which is not only fun, but also educational, and what better way to make learning fun than with a top-trumps style game!

Introducing ... The Plaque Attack card game

PA cards

We’re delighted to introduce our very own ‘Top Trumps’ style card game which aims to educate children (and their families) about the perils of plaque and how it can be avoided. Ideal for those summer getaways - it perfectly complements our Plaque Attack app, which can be downloaded for free on Apple and Android.

Initial feedback from kids has been incredibly positive, with youngsters engaging with the colourful characters, straight away. The three layers of scoring add longevity to the game, enabling the light-hearted information and the fluoride varnish message on the back of each card, to really hit home.

To get a pack of these super fun cards for your kids*, all you need to do is book them in for a check-up and fluoride varnish appointment at a mydentist practice over the summer – easy peasy!

To find out more about the fluoride varnish treatment for kids, click here


*While stocks last

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