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We ‘smiled it pink’ recently to support Bridge2Aid

by Lee Waring | Jun 28, 2016

After last year’s hugely successful effort, National Smile Month once again partnered with dental charity Bridge2Aid to support Smile in Pink Day.

Smile in Pink Day took place Friday June 10th and was a great opportunity for the mydentist practices to have some fun and raise a bit of money for some of the poorest communities in the world.

Over 70% of people in the world have no access to dental treatment. Bridge2Aid believes that everybody has the right to safe emergency dental care. Training rural health workers with the help of volunteers from the UK’s dental community they are saving lives and freeing millions more from the prospect of misery and pain.  Over the last 10 years Bridge2Aid has trained enough rural health workers in emergency dentistry to have provided access to emergency dentistry services to over 4 million people.

A core part of the training given by Bridge2Aid is about how to effectively and efficiently give oral health education to rural communities. Bridge2Aid and Oral Health Foundation believe that paying attention to oral health is vital, and we want people in both the UK and throughout the world to understand that they can take simple steps to protect their oral health. We also want to make people in the UK aware that for 70 per cent of the world, access to the simple pain relieving services that we can take for granted is not available.

The vital work being carried out by Bridge2Aid highlights that the messages of National Smile Month are not only relevant in the UK but all over the world.

We’d like to thank our support centre and all of the practice teams who got involved on the day! 

Our Putney Bridge team
Wykes Regis
Bridge2Aid at our Clinical Conference

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