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An update on our work with Bridge2Aid

by Lee Waring | Feb 29, 2016

Mydentist is so honoured to be gold unity partners with clinical charity, Bridge 2 Aid, and we recently received an update on our annual donation – which goes towards training clinical officers in Tanzania so they can provide emergency dental care.

Here’s what they wrote to us saying:

“I hope that you are well. I just wanted to give you an update on Lameck and Mokoa since they passed their training in September last year and returned to their clinics ready to start treating their communities, all thanks to your sponsorship.

They have had regular follow ups with both the Tanzanian District Dental Officer and the Bridge2Aid team based in Mwanza; and have been using the basic emergency dental skills they learnt on our programme on a weekly basis to ensure that their communities no longer have to suffer in silence – ensuring that they don’t miss school or work. Just as important as treating patients, they have also been sharing key oral health messages to those attending their clinics for whatever reason, teaching them how to look after their teeth regularly and the importance of good oral hygiene.

Your sponsorship has had a direct effect on those living in their communities and we are really grateful for that support. 

Since last September, Bridge2Aid has successfully trained 54 Clinical Officers which means that an additional 540,000 rural Tanzanians have access to emergency dental care – this would not have been possible without your help. Over the same time period we’ve provided free emergency dental care to almost 6000 patients during our Dental Volunteer Programmes. To read about some of the patients we have met in the last 12 months, please click here.  Now, thanks to your sponsorship, Lameck and Mokoa are able to treat patients like these.

Lameck and Mokoa

Supporting our work not only changes lives overseas, it also has a positive impact right here in the UK, where through our programmes we are able to engage with the Dental Community.  Since September last year, 126 volunteers have taken part in our programmes, training the Clinical Officers. So you can see, by supporting our work as a Unity Partner you really are helping us to relieve pain, release potential and strengthen healthcare – thank you.”

We’ve recently chosen 2 of mydentist clinicians to travel to Tanzania in September to provide emergency dental training; we’ll keep you updated with their progress!

Visit to find out more about their amazing work. 

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