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Dental news

national children’s campaign to stop the rot

mydentist launches national children’s campaign to stop the rot

mydentist, the largest network of dental practices in the UK, has launched an Easter children’s campaign to help the 25% of children that start school having experienced some form of tooth decay (1).

The Easter campaign encourages children to brush up on their dental hygiene and educates parents about the benefits of twice yearly free NHS fluoride varnish treatments, which prevent tooth decay and help strengthen tooth enamel.

Until 17th April mydentist will be welcoming children aged three and above to visit a practice for a fun lesson from dental staff about how to maintain a healthy smile and an activity pack to take home.

Annette Spindler chief operating officer at mydentist says: “Statistics show 30% of children reach adulthood without ever having visited a dentist (1). Because of this, sadly, but not surprisingly, dental issues are the main reason for children being admitted to hospital.

“We’re committed to changing this which is why we’ve been working closely with parents and children to find out how we can offer better support.

“Children will have access to fun activities, which aim to educate them about the importance of dental health and how they can look after their smile, a free fluoride varnish, which offers protection against decay and strengthens teeth and an origami fortune teller, which illustrates alternatives to sugary snacks that are healthier for teeth.

“We’re inviting everyone to join us over Easter, any parent can call to book an appointment for their child, so come and get involved.”

A fluoride varnish treatment is a quick, pain-free preventative treatment available to all children. The varnish, which is applied directly to teeth by a dentist or dental nurse, helps strengthen tooth enamel, making it more resistant to decay.

Children aged over three in England and aged two in Scotland should be given fluoride varnish application at least twice a year.

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