At mydentist, we recognise that we cannot achieve anything without our colleagues, whatever their role. That’s why we want all mydentist colleagues to feel part of a community, where they are recognised for the great things that they do. We celebrate individuals in all job roles throughout the organisation, and we remember to say, “thank you”.

Excellence Awards

Our annual Excellence Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of our people and teams across the UK. We invite everyone at mydentist to nominate their colleagues in every job role and in our most recent awards we received more than 800 nominations.

Dental Heroes

Our Dental Heroes programme recognises individuals from our practice teams who have gone above and beyond to support patients. Whether that is holding a nervous patients’ hand, training other members of the team or saving a life through emergency care we select one colleague every month and share their stories via our social media and internal news bulletins so that we can all celebrate a job well done.

Star of the Month

Our Support Centre colleagues can recognise each other through Star of the Month. This is to show appreciation for the efforts individuals have shown in making sure our practice teams have everything they need or supporting their team or another department. Visitors to mydentist Support Centre will see our stars featured in reception.

Hapi Hub

In 2021 we launched the Hapi Hub app which offers all colleagues exclusive discounts, the latest company news and the opportunity for everyone to thank their colleagues for their help or acknowledge their hard work with a recognition e-card. Colleagues can choose from a variety of e-cards to send directly to the recipient as an easy way of showing appreciation.