Exploring new horizons

Reasons to Sell

  • 1.Leave the paper work to us
  • 2.Achieve a better work - life balance
  • 3.Gain the rewards of equity release
  • 4.Enjoy easier transition into retirement
  • 5.Enhanced career development for you and your colleagues
  • 6.Easing the burden of compliance, regulation and investment
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We speak to many practice owners and their reasons for selling vary, but generally boil down to a few common themes, which we’re sure you will relate to: a better work/life balance, a desire to be released from the burdens of compliance and admin, career progression, choice and further development and finally retirement or needing to release equity. The benefits of selling to {my}dentist is that you are able to fulfil your own individual aims and if you wish continue earning as well if you stay on as an associate.

The Benefits mydentist Can Offer

Smooth Operations

We have the experience and infrastructure to help you tackle many of the day-to-day dental practice challenges – from recruitment to IT and financial admin. There’s a dedicated telephone service centre for whenever you need help.

Creating expertise

We’ve invested heavily in our state-of-the art training and development centre, The Academy. It’s designed to help you and your team to develop your professional knowledge and know-how. Courses include live video links to a fully operational practice as well as core CPD. It’s all part of our commitment to providing a secure future career for you and your team.

Industry Influence

We work in partnership with many leading dentistry bodies to influence the future direction of UK dentistry. That means your practice can access the latest thinking and technology to provide the best available service to your patients.

{my}dentist Brand and Our Investment in Your Practice

mydentist exterior
mydentist interior

Of course it goes without saying that all your existing patients will be cared for to the same high standards as ever. Meanwhile, the strength and scale of being part of Europe’s largest dental corporate also ensures that you’ll attract more customers to your practice too. Practices that have been rebranded have seen huge increases in new patients registering; one practice has seen 102% increase since they were rebranded, and many ask if we are really an NHS practice.

Our private offering is as impressive. With a slightly different look and feel we are able to create a completely different atmosphere more tailored toward private patients, both in standalone private practices and mixed practices. We are expanding our private and specialist divisions, acquiring strategically targeted practices to compliment the current estate and provide a referral network. We understand that managing and running private dentistry is different to NHS dentistry which is why we have a dedicated and experienced team to develop and support this growth.

The {my}dentist brand though is about more than just how great our practices look, it’s about how we live and breathe our brand values and the experience we create for our customers. A smart looking practice won’t mean a thing if we don’t give our customers the best possible experience. By carrying out customer surveys, we understand what they want from their local dental practice.

Above all they want choice, access and great service. For example: we’re currently introducing an online appointment booking system to make things even easier and simpler for those patients that prefer to book this way.