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Denture options

Classic cosmeticHide

Entry level cosmetic dentures

This is our entry level private denture option – ideal if you want to achieve a more natural and customised look and feel (in comparison to standard NHS dentures) at an affordable price.

With a choice of 16 standard tooth shades and a great selection of male and female tooth shapes a pleasing natural appearance can be produced.

The denture base is unmodified and constructed from standard acrylic which will give a durable denture under normal circumstances.

Full set from
Single denture from £495
0% finance available
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The classic cosmetic pack

Featuring standard plus acrylic teeth with a good choice of tooth colours, shapes and sizes with moderate surface details.

  • Standard plus acrylic teeth
  • 16 industry standard teeth shades
  • Moderate surface detailing
  • Male & female tooth moulds
  • Cosmetic appearance
  • Standard unmodified acrylic bases
Classic dentures
Full set from £595 Single denture from £495

Premium cosmeticHide

Rediscover your natural smile...

Your smile, your choice – our premium cosmetic denture option allows for greater control of the cosmetic look and feel of the overall appearance of your facial shape.

Hard wearing, multi-layered acrylic teeth are used to enhance natural tooth detail and everyday denture function. Gum plumping is used to provide lip and cheek support in the right areas to fill out and restore lost facial contours and reduce the sunken look so often associated with normal dentures.

The extra clinical and laboratory time invested in producing this level of denture ensures optimal performance and lifelike aesthetics at a great price.

Full set from
Single denture from £595
0% finance available

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Personal individuality with premium dentures

Our most popular denture offers greater control over the cosmetic ‘set-up’ focusing on natural alignment and personal individuality. Enhanced surface details produce a lifelike opalescence and light reflection and cusp natural structure. Having a higher degree of surface detailing gives a more life-like back tooth and will help in optimising chewing ability and comfort.

  • Balanced natural aesthetics and function
  • Personalised dimensional gum sculpting
  • Enhanced surface details
  • Natural structure
  • Greater control of tooth shapes and sizes to fit your personality.
Premium dentures lifestyle
Full set from £895 Single denture from £595

Elite cosmeticHide

Inspired by nature

See the difference with 3D composite, 360° full dimensional teeth and complete gum plumping including natural palate contouring.

Sometimes called a ‘Denture facelift’ our Elite option is all about capturing nature’s beauty and mechanical genius to help turn back time.

These dentures are an absolute tribute to the fantastic talent exhibited by our dentists and astonishing attention to detail by our master dental technicians who construct your dentures in our state-of-the-art laboratories.

The finest materials technology, clinical and laboratory techniques ensure these dentures optimise the fit, function, comfort and cosmetic appearance you have always dreamed of as a denture wearer.

Full set from
Single denture from £895
0% finance available

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See the difference, smile with confidence…

Your choice of cosmetic tooth arrangement with 3D composite teeth from our high definition nature range complemented with a high impact denture base and cosmetic anatomical gum contouring to improve facial appearance. The denture that is inspired by nature.

  • 3D multi-layer NanoPearl teeth
  • 18 natural tooth shade choices
  • 26 natural male & female tooth shapes
  • Personalised cosmetic architecture
  • Full anatomical gum sculpting
  • Enhanced lip & cheek support
  • Full naturalised palate carving
  • Hi-impact denture base resin
  • Optimal gum colour tinting
Elite dentures
Full set from £1295 Single denture from £895

Semi-flexible partial dentureHide

The most comfortable partial denture solution

When considering a removable partial denture, many people find a Semi-Flexible Partial denture to be the most comfortable and secure option.

While the initial cost may be higher than a standard NHS partial denture made with ridged acrylic and visible metal wires, the results of a semi-flexible partial are beautiful with very high patient satisfaction, giving you confidence in your partial denture whilst eating, talking and most importantly, smiling.

A semi-flexible partial denture is a great modern alternative to standard acrylic or metal framed dentures.

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The modern approach to partial dentures

Our partial dentures are individually custom designed for each patient with your choice of tooth quality and personalised setup – depending on clinical and functional restrictions.

A partial denture is essential for the wellbeing of your remaining teeth, how you function when eating and for aesthetic reasons.

Semi-flexible partial denture
  • Comfortable
  • No ugly metal wires
  • Virtually invisible
  • Unbreakable resin
  • High patient satisfaction
Full set from £545 Ask for more details